Donate Money

Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.Give Stanley a birthday gift by donating money to his account! You'll get a great big high five! More Info »
Price: $5.00

Colorized Vignette Effect for FCPX

colorized-vignette-previewQuickly add a colorized vignette to any video clip with this effect. All of the pro controls that you need are there to let you fully customize your vignette. More Info »
Price: $4.97

Duplicate Scale Blur Effect

4_preview_590x300_deibyNoTextQuickly duplicate, scale, and blur a clip and place it into the background. Perfect for clips or images that don't fit into your project's aspect ratio. More Info »
Price: $4.97

Circle Pop Lower Third Template

CirclePopPreviewImageNoTextLower Third Plugin that has 10 color themes and can work on the right or left side. *This template is included with paid membership. So sign-up it's only $0.99 a month.* More Info »
Price: $4.97